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Propeller Nebula

Matt Softich | 23 Sep, 2023 | 0 Comments | Return|
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This week features Simeiz 57, the Propeller Nebula. Part of the Cygnus X Complex, (which I have been imaging a lot lately), this dim object took 5 hours of integration over 2 nights to bring out the detail. It is located 5º southwest of the star Deneb and you can see a small portion of the Butterfly Nebula to the lower left. The propeller part shows mainly white in this HOO palette, and I may process it differently to make the propeller more prominent in a future integration. For some reason the reddish orange of the propeller which emits in the Hα line comes out milky white. Maybe more data is needed. It does look red in the unprocessed image.

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