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Caldwell 63

Matt Softich | 20 Aug, 2023 | 0 Comments | Return|
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Caldwell 63, the Helix Nebula, is located in the constellation of Aquarius and is only 650 light-years away. It is a Planetary Nebula, not because it has anything to do with a planet, but rather since it appears round it would have resembled a planet to early astronomers. The Helix was formed when its central star shed its outer layers near the end of its life. This object lies very low in the sky from my location and barely clears my roof. As a result, I can only get about an hours’ worth of data at a time on it. This is a 5-hour integration from last winter that I reprocessed using an HOO palette. I will add even more data to this in the coming months.

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