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Pacman Nebula

Matt Softich | 15 Aug, 2023 | 2 Comments | Return|
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This is NGC 281, The Pacman Nebula. It is located in Cassiopeia just below the star Shedar. It is 5545 light years from earth and can be seen year-round in the northern sky. You definitely need a telescope to observe it and it was one of the first objects I attempted to photograph back in January of ‘22. For this photo, I used the Hα, Hβ, OIII and SII filters. Unfortunately the center of the nebula is a bit blown out but other than that the colors turned out very well.

See below for the difference between Jan 2022 and Aug 2023


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Great photo!
8/17/2023 1:07:37 PM | Reply

@Ramona Softich-Gaines: Thanks. this has been a tough target for me for a long time. I will try to zoom in on it if I can ever get the 6-inch scope working again because there is some very fine detail in it I would like to bring out.

8/17/2023 3:33:53 PM | Reply

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